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HarpGamer Launches H3DB Project

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The H3DB Project


HarpGamer's Fred Galano is heading up the effort to revise and update Darren Buckley's HUDII to make it a viable source of data for the H3 simulation. The HUD database system has its origins in the early days of Harpoon II. Darren developed and maintained HUDII during the Harpoon II years and now we are looking to build on that excellent foundation with the H3DB project for Harpoon III.


You can expect to see several features and trends in the H3DB that reflect the design philosophy Fred and the team have envisioned. Among them:


* No need to rebuild scenarios using this DB; a policy of "Never delete - Only append" will apply.

* Simplicity: Using the Harpoon Paper Rules system of "generational" ESM and ECM for example.

* Convenience: Sort by Country and Sort by Platform Type enabled for ease of Scenario Design.

* Commonality with HCDB: Platforms to track with their HCDB mirrors, thereby making it easier to create the same scenario in both versions of the game.


The H3DB will implement a number of such concepts as development proceeds. If you are interested in joining the project, or in otherwise contributing to it, please choose the "Learn more about the H3DB Project" link in the H2 & H3 Section at HarpGamer DB Share. We will respond via email as soon as we are able. Please tell us something about your Harpoon, and in particular, DB editing experience when completing the Mail Message section. While not an absolute prerequisite, familiarity with at least one of the game's Platform Editors would be desirable.



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