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WARHAMMER 40K 6th edition rulebook and Space Marine Codex.

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Just picked these up a few weeks ago. I really haven't read them yet just looked through and reviewed them. Looks like a lot of changes from the 2nd and 3rd editions that I played about 15+ years ago. I have gone to a few WH 40K meets over the past couple months just to get a visual and see how much the game/game play has changed. It is definitely more involved now. I can remember making up cheat sheets for quick reference during game play and only periodically checking the rule books back when I was playing with my military buddies. I went to 2 different places and saw 5 matches. I know the rule books are only a year old, but these guys and gals where referring to the books a lot more than I remember. Come mid November I will start into them then make the trek to my parents house to hopefully find what's left from my Space Marines and see what will still be compatible. I know for a fact most of the minis have been updated. I should be receiving the ROBOTECH RPG Tactics tabletop mini  game about the same time from Palladium Books. Would love to start into these, but I am in the process for studying for promotions coming up in mid November, so this will have to wait for now. Are any of the members of CA current or former players?



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My son had a large army of these Warhammer figures and vehicles from back in the mid 90's. I only recently shipped them of to my grand kids in Canada but since found a couple of his Blood Angel figures I missed and one is really detailed one that was a limited edition only available from a games day back in the early 90's in the UK.

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