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1st off Thank you to MigFactory for the F-14a and all the people involed with makeing it. Thank you to SF comuinity for all Knowlege base .


now this is not your moms tomcat the is a F-14 Super TomKat and theres way to much to list on what it can do things that dont work atm are the nozzels dont RCS like they should but still fuctions as if they did makeing this plane highly manuveralbe. if i know the model node name i could fix it but i dont so sorry bout that.

modernized Hud/Radar flare and chaff/ laser Des /AI flight control modernize skin LV with some bonus tail art ,this f-14 is mounted with a 7 barrel Gua-32B 25mm A/A &A/G vulcan


drop in you aircraft folder


the gundataXXX file is to be added to the gundata.ini just make sure to change the [GunDataXXX] to the numbers needed to add the weapon


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