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updating Russo´s MiG-29K

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hey there,


i´m updating the "K" to bring her on the standard of my K-Paran

but got nuts and changed more than the Country thingy´s:


-Pilot(J31 Bandidos Team)



-OLS-K Pod (MiG-29K-Paran)

-CM dispensers

    *the upper CM dispenser´s are also present(looks better and you really need them ;-)

    *regarding to the book from Yefim Gordon the CM´s are integrated in the lower fuselage

    *but it is not exactly mentioned were so i added them there:





 *HUD remained the "old" one added EESG

 *slightly better radar

 *working AG radar








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i´ve to admit that this whole project is a mash up of existing work and my limited knowledge :-)

a new cockpit with real MFD´s would be great^^ but i think we dont get one until the new miggies are released sometime in 2020 :-D

(tried cockpits from other planes(f-15e and so on but it doesnt look "right")

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the indian-K






nothing special. just russos work and my ini stuff

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