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Aussie "PIG" Pack


In memory of those who flew and maintained the "Mighty Pig" 1973-2010



F-111C "PaveTack"




Upgrades are:


-NEW Decals

-Damage Textures

-Wing posisions

-Higher Weapons Bay Loadout

-Nav Lights


-Engine effects

-Cockpit Textures

-Speed (Mach 2+)

-RWR symbols and sounds

-New Aircrew Skins


Thanks to



F-111C/G Version 2.0 By FastCargo

Skin by Jat81500

Decals by USAFMTL

Original model by Paco and Wpnssgt

Original FM by Column5

Sounds by the Mirage Factory

Original Avionics and Gunsight by MJ

Pit by NormanKnight


Combat Ace



Happy low flying



Thanks to the F-111 community and the RAAF.

Thank you ADF Serials for their extensive data and photos of the F-111C, RF-111C and F-111G that served in the RAAF

3 years of bloody hard work....... enjoy


Thank you Wing Commander Curr for giving me the chance to take part in aviation history by attending the F-111 Retirement.


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