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[Q] Turning the A-1H into an A-1J

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I'm trying to modify the excellent A-1H into an A-1J, which should be easy to do as there isn't much difference between both version, and I have a few questions:


* What's the proper procedure for hacking someone else work? I obviously need to contact the A-1H author to ask him permission to release this variant of his/their work.

* How could I make the landing gear more resitant?

* How could I strenghten the wing outer panel?

* What is the unit of NormalMissionRadius and MaxMissionRadius?

* How/where do you guys get the ClimbSpeed and CornerSpeed?


Also, I noticed that the Max speed at sea level for the A-1H is set at 300m/s ... which is wrong (that's 1080km/h!). A more realistic figure will be 131.7m/s ... I'm wondering what effect this erronous value have on the flight model ... if any ... [Roll Eyes]


Thanks in advance.

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