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Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina (the post WWII series)

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Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina (the post WWII series)

With the end of the war, all of the flying boat versions of the Catalina were quickly retired from the U.S. Navy, but the amphibious versions remained in service for some years The Catalina subsequently equipped the world's smaller armed services into the late 1960s in fairly substantial numbers.

Even if it left service quite soon, this plane was used worldwide and so useful for many our scenarios or campaigns.


For example: Israel '48-56, Timor confrontation, French Indochina, Taiwan, Cuban Crisis, Scandinavian Front(*), an Early Falkland campaign and much more


What's in:



- a new plane;

- 29 new (*) skins Aéronavale (5), ARA (3), AURI (2), Chile (1), Dominica (1), FAC (1), FAR (1),IDF (1), KMARINE (2) RDAF (3), RNAF (4), Sweden (2), Taiwan (1), US Navy (2)

- Historical decalsets;

- pilots;

- weapons;

- sounds;

- New screens;

- loadout.tga;





- original shadow issue (I don't know why) solved;

- nose bloothering quick fixed;





- Veltro2k - plane model;

- Wrench - WW2 plane edition;

- Pappychcksix - Templates;

- FeDee - Original ARA skins fixed and redone;

- Paulopanz - Skins, Decals, pilots, edits;




- all mod folder content in your mod install

- overwrite



Please include these Catalinas in your existing or further mods, only crediting Veltro and me.

That's all






@ paulopanz









(*) 2 Sweden are my original skins for Tp-47 in TSF2 pack; 3 Norvegian skins too came with that pack but are upgraded here and the 4th is quite new.


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