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Export Rafale Mod for SFP V2


This addon represent the folowing versions of the Rafale:


- India (F3+ version)

Rafale DH

Rafale EH

Rafale MH


- Qatar (F3+ version)

Rafale DDA

Rafale EDA


- Egypt (F3+ version)

Rafale DM

Rafale EM


- Greece (F3+ version)

Rafale DG

Rafale EG


- UAE (F4 version)

Rafale DAD

Rafale EAD


- Dhimar (F4 version)

Rafale DMA


3D model: Heberth/CadeteBRA, aleks, 76.IAP-Blackbird, ravenclaw_007, JAT.

Templates: ravenclaw_007, JAT.

Cockpit: Gux, Marcfighter, Heberth, ravenclaw_007, JAT.

Legs skin: Centurion-1.

pilots: Amokfloo, JAT.

Weapons: ravenclaw_007, JAT.

Seat: aleks.

Loadout tga: JAT.

Skins: ravenclaw_007, JAT.

Decals: Many modders!!!, JAT.

Hangar and loading screens : JAT.

Special advisor: peyo.


Sorry if i forgot someone, send me a PM, i will make public apologies.


Animation Keys:

1 - Open canopy (sorry for the collision bug)

0 - Toggle Damocles open/close (useless only eye candy !)



A thanks to the Two more weeks and the AdA-Mod teams to share their works.


A big thanks to all involved of this long term project (first step with aleks in november 2010!).


A special thanks to Marcfighter for the permission to use the pit.


A special special Thanks to ravenclaw_007 who pushes the perfection beyond human capacity.


in memory of BPAo.


Released under CombatAce Fair-Use terms:





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