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Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year! IL2

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Jason has posted 4 very nice WIP pics, all who loves the A-20, here is the show...


I just wanted to say thank you for your support this year and I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This time of year we take a bit of a holiday break, but we'll be back at it with the new year. 

Also, this has been a unusually busy Q4 for us and I have fallen way behind in my correspondence. To anyone who has written me I apologize if you have not gotten a response. I get many emails and PMs and when I get busy I have to triage them and only respond to the most urgent. I will try to catch up over the Holiday break. So please don't take it personally if I have not responded to your message. I will try my best to respond shortly and if I don't please just write me again.

2017 was a super year in lots of ways, I hope we can top it in 2018!  

Here's some quick A-20 action i the Dev. Build. This plane is fun! 

A-20_1.jpg   A-20_2.jpg
A-20_3.jpg   A-20_4.jpg



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