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North American F-86K Sabre Complete

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North American F-86K Sabre Complete

NATO version of F-86D; MG-4 fire control system; four 20 mm M24A1 cannon with 132 rounds per gun; APG-37 radar. 120 were built by North American, 221 were assembled by FIAT.


The F-86K aka "Kappone" 

all old pack skins now in JPG, new ones and several tweaks and upgrades made in these long years.

A.M.I.: 1^-4^-51^ Aerobrigata; 5°-36°-51° Stormo (5 skins)
            (All numbers,serials & matricole historical, thanks to X-Ray for references)
Luftwaffe: JG-74 JG-75 Silver & Camo (4 skins)
     (All historical numbers by squadron plus "kubik" & M.Lenz bonus planes)
Armée de l'Air: 13 EC Alpes, Artois & Auvergne (10 skins all)
     (All historical numbers & serials squadron by squadron, thanks to Ludo, who made them, too)
Koninklijke Luchtmacht: 700-701-702 Squadrons (10 skins)
     (All historical numbers)
Kongelige Norske Luftforsvaret: 332, 334, 337, 339 Skvadron (4 skins)
     (All historical numbers & serials squadron by squadron)
Fuerza Aerea Venezoelana (1 skin)
       (All historical numbers)
Fuerza Aérea Hundureña   (1 skin)
      (All historical numbers)


Thanks to "Bobrock" for temps, to "Soulfreak" for his constant friendy help and to Baffmeister for usual, great FM tweaks.

Sounds by Spillone104.

Original credits in original readme.


To install: as usual all in main mod folder.







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