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  1. IL-2 Great Battles VR is INCREDIBLE, I had no idea how Amazing the VR Environment was in IL-2 Great Battles of course, until I bought my first set of TWO HP Reverb VR Goggles. The VR in DCS is quite good, and in a few other sims like X-Plane it's just OK. But IL-2 Great Battles VR is in a Class All ALONE. Simply...well.....It's a Whole New World in Flight Simulation; to use a tired cliche. Listen people, until you ''Fly'' IL-2 Great Battles in VR (the Best that you can buy) you are looking at a Flat 2D Screen......there is simply No comparison with 3D VR. The IL-2 Great Battles Series VR is Unbelievable. PS: it is getting better and Better Every MONTH.

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