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  1. I Was There

    Nice read, although never met the guy. I understand their Rapiers were having 'clutter' problems when firing down into San Carlos water from the hilltops. The Argies had to come in on the shipping in SCW low and fast to avoid the missiles. However, because of this, many of their bombs failed to explode as they had no time to 'arm' as you probably already know. What the Artillery did after that, was wait until the enemy were on the way out and up, then they would fire with no clutter. It was then that Rapier came into its own. The thing would go off the launcher, seemed to hesitate, then wooooosh, straight at the target, nearly every time a hit after the intial problems had been sorted. I had to smile reading the bit about laying on his back firing into the air, as I can remember doing that myself. I was armed with the old 7.62 FN SLR. Hit by one round from that and anything was in danger. :) I was 23. What do I remember of the war? Cold, wet and absolutely shattered at all times. We didn't expect them to give in so fast after we saw how bravely their airforce flew. I'm looking forward to the sim. Please make sure you include ground troops as that had a major effect on the way the AAF attacked us. Small arms, Blowpipe and Rapier. They had Roland missiles at Stanley airport, made in Germany , destroyed by us. :)
  2. I Was There

    Just to let you know, if you want any info on the way we fought against the Pucaras and A4's etc I was with 45 commando that landed at Ajax bay. Very important is the RAF ground missile system RAPIER. This needs to be included. This system was fantastic. It is very small and mobile, towed by a Landrover or sometimes a snowcat and nearly always got its target. Any Falklands sim that doesn't include ths G-A system needs to be reviewed. Blowpipe was not effective. The RN Harriers very always there when needed, and quite often came out of nowhere when the Argies thought they had a free ride. It was fun to watch. I will always admire the courage the Argentinian pilots showed in what were really no chance odds. If the RN didn't get them from the ships, then they got them with the Harriers.

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