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  1. Skyhawk A-4C / FAA C-314 War Veteran Walkaround.

    Your welcome! Please show us something, a couple of pics at least Saludos!
  2. Well... because our developers have left us a little alone I decided to revive the site attach a large walkaround photos files of argentinian Air Force Skyhawk A-4C war veteran. Some examples: Photos credits: http://s473.photobucket.com/albums/rr99/ac...0Skyhawk%20314/ Saludos!
  3. A question about carrier operations in JT

    Estaba convencido que disponia de dos catapultas, pero ahora viendo detenidamente solo veo una I was convinced she had two catapults, but now watching carefully I see only one http://www.histarmar.com.ar/Portaaviones/25deMayo.htm Oops! Saludos!
  4. What is been worked at the moment

    Thanx for the news; It's very exciting hear about this news advances. Saludos!
  5. A question about carrier operations in JT

    Very interesting questions, hope the developers answer these questions soon. Some time ago, I linked detailed photos of ARA 25 de Mayo that would be perfectly useful to make a 3D model in high resolution. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=27598 And finally, about argentine carrier, it had two catapults exactly Saludos!
  6. what am I doing now?

    Excuse me Dante, any news about High definition A-4C/P/Q Skyhawk 3D model? Saludos!
  7. Navy A4-Q Skyhawk walkaround

    Wooow Can't wait to see it! Thx Dante. Saludos!
  8. Navy A4-Q Skyhawk walkaround

    You're Welcome. Can you please show us some images about this hires A-4Q model! Thank you! Saludos!
  9. Navy A4-Q Skyhawk walkaround

    Some more photos Skyhawk A-4Q 3-A-302, in this case from MUAN ( Museo Aeronaval ) via PODER NAVAL FORUM, specially thanks to Raúl Hrubisko. Saludos!
  10. IAI Mirage 5 "Dagger" FAA - Fuerza Aerea Argentina

    More interesting photos, in this case from PISTA 06. Saludos!
  11. Very nice sequential photos of argentine aircraft carrier in colors! unfortunately date unknown, but you can contact the webmaster and ask him. More in this links: http://www.histarmar.com.ar/Armada%20Argen...es/25deMayo.htm http://www.histarmar.com.ar/Armada%20Argen...archFichera.htm http://www.histarmar.com.ar/Armada%20Argen...yo-archSoto.htm Saludos!
  12. Lockheed SP-2H Neptune 2-P-112 - war veteran.

    Yes, it is a Grumman Cougar trainer, F-9F-8T ( TF-9J ) 3-A-151. Argentine Navy purchase Twenty-four Phanters and two Cougars. Saludos!
  13. Actual photos of Neptune 2-P-112 taken from Museo de la Aviacion Naval ( Cte.Espora ); more photos in this link: PISTA 06 Saludos!
  14. Atmospheric/weather effects

    Simply beautiful! can't wait! what about rain effects, are actived or under development? Saludos!
  15. im waiting

    Thanks for the news, I really appreciate it. Very nice sea in the second picture, very impressive image! Saludos!

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