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  1. A Little Wish For Moddability

    Hi all Guys! I've just posted a similar theme in another thread... I totally agree with ChrisDNT and Dante's philosophy. Make this sim totally moddable, but let's take care of the modifications! I mean that the development team shoud check the mod and than release it so to keep the quality warranty!!!
  2. What Do You Want More??

    SeaWolf is right and I add this: Realism wouldn't be an argument to talk about because would be the main goal of every flightsim... I prefer talk about expandibility. This is the real thing that make a flight sim an eternal one. After having trimmed your work you should take in mind about the possibility to develop a series of tools that make easy to create mods, but... ...theese mods should pass through the Development Team that would make up an expansion patch. In this way You could mantain a quality warranty! B) Go Guys! Go!
  3. Hooha

    I wish to know... ...ops...again... The community ;) wish to know if modding mean also the capability to add new avionic (radar, ecm...) for new planes, navaids for terrain, voices for ATC, and so on...
  4. Hooha

    Self Devoloping Kit Tool :P
  5. Hooha

    Hi All! You ThunderWorks Guys.... Yes I mean just you guys.... You can't imagine how much I'm happy to know that: 1- A new Sim is in developing 2- You are following the right Philosophy about moddability I totally agree with Dante and ChrisDNT about the fact that all future mods must be checked by Devolpment Team. This will be a warranty of quality. Well, Well You Guys rock, trust me..... were years that I was waiting for something like this.... I'm not a programmer, but I'd like to make my own mod... and if you are going to develop also a SDK Tool... WOW... the dream could be near

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