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  1. Dante Macross

    Só mais uma coisa... passa teu cel por Msg também. Abraços!
  2. Dante Macross

    Dante, Desculpa postar a mensagem aqui em público... Vou te passar um update da situação! Me mudei pra Curitiba, to fazendo a facu de Piloto comercial, e voando no Aeroclube do Paraná o AeroBoero 115... Tava morando numa pensão, pedi internet uns meses, e não vieram instalar, agora mudei pra um apto novo, e to com net e tudo mais... No momento to em Foz, curtindo a namorada... Em agosto, tenho marcado um voo, de 3 aviões, vamo sai em formação, do Bacacheri, cruzar Joinville, descer pra NAvegantes e Parar em Floripa, quem sabe nessa não dou uma passada por ai e conheço Floripa de vez! Seguinte, por favor, me adiciona nesse msn: Pedro_piloto69@hotmail.com preciso conversar contigo... Grandes Abraços Pedro ViperBR
  3. what am I doing now?

    Tanks for the big reply :) About Dante's trip to Argentina, i talked to him, but actually it was not possible for me going with him. I live in Foz do Iguaçu (Iguassu Falls), border with Argentina, not so far from me to go to Buenos Aires. =( I´ve been thinking in a lot of new features for the game, but i won't send you them before the coding part is done, you are overworked now, maybe i send them to dante. I'm learing to pilot on an airplane called AeroBoero 115 (Argentina), Maybe we can implement the 3d/FM on the game as an instruction plane, but thats not for now :) Again, tanks for the reply, and keep up the great work
  4. what am I doing now?

    Hey guys! Give us some updates
  5. Some argentine assets

    Hey All the screens look great like always. You guys are doing a wonderful job, but regarding the deck crew. It can be added, but for now, lets just focus on the main development, like FM, 3d Objects and how the interact. Dante, you are a great friend! Still waiting for my version, lol Keep up the good work, and anything, just call me! Hooah! ViperBR
  6. Skins for JT´s aircrafts

    Add meu msn: pepe_linduxo@hotmail.com Não to mais usando icq
  7. Skins for JT´s aircrafts

    LBR Egon... Quanto tempo... nem sei se você deve lembrar... eu era o LBR=ViperBR I think Dante can handle the textures pretty well for now! no need for user made ones...maybe in the future the ability to customize our own skins can be added... but now, i think there are some bigger priorities
  8. what am I doing now?

    SS = Screenshot. If you need any image to be hosted also, ask Dante to call me.
  9. what am I doing now?

    Tanks for the SitRep pigeon. Keep up with the good job. About Videos and Images, you know, I can host them for you. Can you post some new SS? Cya all! Viper
  10. Hi Guys

    Wow! Nice pic Dante! :P
  11. possible problems with the website

    Tanks guys, anytime... Our sponsor gave us unlimited bandwith, so if you need anything, Dante has my ICQ See you all... Viper OUT :D
  12. This Simulator Is Very Promising !

    Welcome Sweep! One more member to our gaming community... Jet Thunder is really a promissing simm, lets wait and see! Sou brasileiro, quando voltar pro Brasil, da um toque, quem sabe marcamos de fazer uns voos, sou piloto... Abraços!
  13. Will It Have A Mission Editor?

    Humm.. Maybe there should be 2 Mission editors, like Advanced and Basic. Basic: Just for a quick mission flight, set in come fast parameters and GO. Advanced: You can setup all the settings, including this ones below, and make advanced missions, like Operation Flashpoint Advanced mission editor:
  14. Leaving Some Keys Unbound?

    I use Left Control for TeamSpeak and rogerWilco
  15. Will We Be Able To Assign The Nozzle To An Axis

    :D Humm, You guys should met some brazillian girls...that one is to *ugh*

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