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  1. HUUURRRRAAYYYYYYYYYYY, That's it!! It's THE sound!!! Haha, now I'm the happiest man on earth Thanks Ceasar, I owe you one ;)
  2. Yes, yes, that's the one I'm looking for!!! Gee, what a pitty nobody remembers whre they got it from
  3. Nah, it isn't that one either . Now I'll have to live without my beloved growlLock... well, anyway, thank you very much for the help, guys!
  4. Hey guys, here's my problem: Once I heavily modded my SFP1, and I had a very cool IRgrowlLock sound (a very high growl sound, sounded a bit like a cryin' dog gee, my description is so stupid ) Well, anyway, after a reinstallation I can't find this sound file, I thought it was in the popular Weapons Pack, but, well, it isn't. Can anybody tell me where I can find this file?
  5. Hey guys First of all, it's nice to be here (I'm new) . Now my question: I wanted to set the "Mig-28" ( ;) ) as a hostile plane. I tried to set it's nation to China or Aggressors, but now i see that it has now weapons. Even though i edited the Missiles in Weapon Editor, so that China has Sidewinders to, in game i can't select them. Can somebody help me? PS: Sorry, i know my English isn't good.

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