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  1. The eyecandy thread

    How about some real DX9 features...(don't ask me what, but lets have a flighsim with these features...) Pitching and rolling carrier desks..
  2. Training Missions..??

    The training missions were like a "video"...almost cartoony with an excellent voice over. They were not interactive, but stepped you throught the correct deployment speeds, angles and buttons needed. They are still by far and away the best I have ever seen. Very simple, very clean, and very very informative. I highly recommend that you dig out your old copy and have a look. ...actually, now that I think of it, tutorial is perhaps a better word to describe them.. Oh...and the interactive training missions from Janes Apache Longbow were every bit the equal to Hornet 3, although in a more traditional interactive format with a good voice over...
  3. Training Missions..??

    Did anyone here play Graphsims "Hornet 3"...?? I thought that the training missions from that sim were the best of all time. I was thinking that copying the format of those would be a pretty good idea... Anyway, just a suggestion.
  4. Hi again.. I pretty much already know the answer to this....but on the media page, with all the models, I don't see a Sea King or Chinook....I assume that they are coming..?
  5. Ogl Or D3d..??

    Sounds sensational, thanks again for the prompt reply.
  6. Ogl Or D3d..??

    Ok, thanks for that. Now, I don't know much about OGL, but are there any "advanced" features that will be implimented..??.. I was sorta thinking along the lines of Il2 levels, if that makes sense. Thanks again.. G..
  7. Ogl Or D3d..??

    Hello... Sorry for what may be a dumb question, but WRT the graphic's, is this sim being done in OGL or D3D..?? If D3D, are any advanced DX9 features going to be implimented..??
  8. Sea State..??

    Thanks for the prompt answers Dante.
  9. Sea State..??

    Will the aircraft carriers pitch and roll in high seas...??...and will the ships move as we are trying to land on them..???
  10. Training Missions..??

    Sorry if this has been covered in previous threads... But what have you guys got in mind by way of training missions..?? Personally, I am a big fan of "voice-over" tutorials...I don't think enough sims utilise this sort of training interaction. I feel that missions training sessions covering not only the wepons systems ans avionic's of each particular aircraft would be cool, but also "tips" for the most efficient deployment of each (aircraft and weapons systems), "viffing" for example... G..
  11. Can We Change History..??

    Hi.. Just wondering, after having read the book by Cmdr "Sharky" Ward (RN), if we choose to fly for the Argies, and sucessfully prosecute both the Hermes and Invincible (to the point of not allowing the Harriers to take off), will we actually be able to alter virtual history and win the war for the "home" team..?? I have a few tattical theories that I wish to try out..:) G..

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