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  1. Thanks for the replies everybody. "Strategy First" is becoming quite notorious about pushing their dev team's project out the door in a hurry.. Strategy first also published a game called Word War II Online.. If you thought the release of Strike Fighters was early, you should have seen this game. I bought it the first day it came out, servers weren't even up, couldn't handle anything.. Then if you could actually GET in a server, there was a HUGE amount of bugs at the time. I got fed up with it and quit, it took them about 6 months to get things somewhat in order. Did anybody else play this game besides me? I totally agree with MkIX, im also sick of software being released before its finished. Now its almost like your preparing for the game to be buggy as hell, and just thinking "Oh they'll come out with a patch". I like publishers that when asked when a game will be released, say "When its done". You know these kinds of games will be good..
  2. Well, you guy's have pretty much convinced me to buy the game now. Im actually going to get it right after I get my HOTAS cougar in a month..do you think a patch will be out by then?
  3. Ok lets get right to it, how realistic is this game? Are we talking Falcon 4.0 realistic or Jane's USAF realistic? Also, does this game actually have hills, ravines, cliffs and those sorts of things? Im sick of these sim's with completly flat ground... Are there some sort of training missions in the game too? If so, is there some text display on the screen telling you whats going on, explaining what to do etc..? The game's concept sounds interesting though. I like the idea of getting more advanced planes as you progress through the campaigns. Also the mercenary pilot thing sounds very cool.

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