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  1. MiG-21 Fishbed Family

    The greatest aircraft of 20th century...
  2. MiG-21F-13.jpg

    Snowy MiG-21F-13 in the museum of Szolnok Airbase (Hungary). The last MiG-21F-13s ended the service in the early '80s...
  3. Fishbed Forever Final

    Here is my first MiG-21 video, I created it in 2005 (music: Kiss I'm going blind). In this video you can see MiG-21MFT (czech republic), MiG-21PF/PFM/MF (ussr). Have fun :)
  4. MiG-21PFM

    Sorry, but this video will be shorter after uploading... I don't know, because it's 15mb on my harddrive too, but on this webpage the lenght is not 2:30, just ~1 minute! What can i do?????
  5. MiG-21PFM

    This is my favourite video from the MiG-21PFM. It was made in the late '60s, in Le Bourget (France) or Monyino (USSR). We can see formation flights (4xMiG-21PFM), and single demo flights...
  6. MiG-21Bisz

    We can see a MiG-21Bisz/75A in this picture. This variant was equipped with an RD-25 turbojet engine. This hungarian MiG is being tested, so we can spectate the engine, with wich the aircraft was able to reach mach 2.3...
  7. MiG-21MF

    This photo shows us a MiG-21MF in the early '80s. It's a hungarian MiG, too...
  8. MiG-21Bisz

    It's a MiG-21Bisz/75AP from my country. That was the last variant of MiG-21 in Hungary (last year in service: 2000). This photo was taken before an air patrol flight...
  9. MiG-21MF.JPG

    I created this image in 2006. End of a dogfight between a MiG-21MF and a Mirage IIIC...

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