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  1. Aviation Art

    You might be interested by best quality pictures on My Web ssite All the best
  2. Aviation Art

    Well, thanx again for those king words. the F100D with SharkMouse should be a winner as you mention;)
  3. Aviation Art

    Well, thanx for your kind words. I work in oil on canvas and the next project is the Etendard IVP which has been damaged by a SAM over Gorazde in 97. The idea os ti capture the moment of the recovery aboard the French carrier Clémenceau. Other main projet is a flight of F100D of the French Air Force with wheatered camo and big ShrkMouth... let's see. But since it's only for fun it'll take few months t see the result. I have to fly the A10 on my computer too ;) all the best Frenchie
  4. Aviation Art

    Dear all, You may be interested to take a look at my website dedicated to my aviation art. I'm a sim addict (Lock On) but in between I also like to paint aircraft on canvas. So far the site is in french but depending on the needs or reactions I may translate it in English... I mean my poor English. Anyway, comments would be most welcome. Aircraft depicted are Me262, F15E, Mirage 2000, F16... and project covers the F100D and Etendard IVP. http://toiles.volantes.free.fr/ All the best Frenchie

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