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  1. Sea State..??

    I played a demo recently of a game called "Enigma" it was a game based around WW2 naval warefare - could command a sub or a corvette. That modelled stormy and calm seas. Certainly knocked the ships around - don't know how accurate it was though - prefer to keep my feet dry. Found a link: Enigma Link I think this is supposed to be the games main link - but doesnt work for me.
  2. Will We Be Able To Assign The Nozzle To An Axis

    How about assigning to a mouse wheel??? I like possibly many others, dont have a hundreds of pounds/dollars joystick. It has 12 buttons, a throttle, rudder and hat - the basics really. Therefore there is no real way I can use the joystick for the nozzle control - but how about using the mouse wheel like an axis? (obviously will need to be relative and not absolute). Not exactly ideal of course - but better than using a keyboard. Is this possible?? Thanks.

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