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  1. Well I tried it in a WOV Linebacker I campaign and the results are most interensting although somewhat unrealistic. I started up two campaigns and flew missions until a plane change occured. In the first campaign I ended up flying F-111D off a carrier. In the second campaign I was doing catapult launches flying an F-105D! I was hoping that the line 'CarrierBased=true/false' statement would limmet the planes you would get. Unfortunatly it doesn't. So no choice but to preprogram the upgrade list. Redeye
  2. What happens if you set the upgrade type to any for the player squadron in SFP1 v3.1 in the Campaign1_data.ini? Do you then get random aircraft to fly? And is random limited to aircraft type? I mean if you sign up with a fighter squadron, say an F-4 squadron, can your plane then change to a pure bomber like the B-47? Which would put you in trouble if you get an intercept mission. I'm assuming the same thing happens to an AI squadron. Just curious Redeye
  3. Thanks guys That helped. Redeye
  4. Well my first post at these forums, so hello to you all. Now the question. I'm flying SFP1 with 3d gogles and loving it. One downside is that you can't see other planes as soon with those glasses and without. That is why I use the normal setting for the HUD. I would like to experiment with the box size. Does anyone know if they can be tinkered with and if yes in which file that would be? Thanks a bundle. Redeye
  5. Euh without a working mouse I can't get into options, so how do I change them outside the game and for what should I be looking for? Redeye
  6. No just this game and only after patch 2. I noticed one other guy with mouse problems. A different make then mine but also wireless. Redeye
  7. He guys, I had kind off shelved this game until patch2. Now it is here I've got a problem. My mouse, a trust wireless mouse using the standard ms ps/2 driver, no longer works. Anybody any solution? Oh a happy new year to you all. Redeye :(

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