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  1. I have posted this on other forums but for some reason LOMAN seems to "reset" my graphics and renables the A-10 TVM for me. I have the but with the black screen TVM, but I discovered that if I go back into LOMAN and reapply the settings I get it back. I seem to lose it when I try to fly a campaign or a large mission or several missions in a row. Go out reapply and it's back. Great program, thanks for your efforts.
  2. My son is a staff sargent in the Marine Corp. He has worked on the avionics system of the Prowler for the past 10 years, the last two being the instructor at Whedby Island. He's home on leave right now on the way to be restationed at Cherry Point NC where he will be running the maintenance shop there. Told him I saw you had uploaded a Prowler mod and that I was going to download and let him look at it. Got any question you might want to ask about it (non-classified of cours :D )

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