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  1. Will We Be Able To Assign The Nozzle To An Axis

    all these ideas sound great! i had the pleasure of seeing a Harrier demo this past summer at the Dayton Airshow and it was the first time i actually saw the demo in real life! it was amazing.....always loved the Harrier from tv, video games, etc, but never actually got to see it in real life til recently and i HOPE i get to see it a few more times before the F-35 takes over as the new V/STOL fighter and it will even have afterburners!!! :D anyway, i can't wait to fly it when Jet Thunder comes out
  2. Will We Be Able To Assign The Nozzle To An Axis

    hello all, glad to see a Harrier flight sim coming out. i have a Logitech Wingman 3-D Extreme and don't have an axis to put the nozzles on, but if you had a keyboard toggle, i think that might work! any comments?

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