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  1. Terrain shots

    Hermoso!!!!! Great Job!!!!
  2. RFA Sir Galahad

    Very Impresive!!!
  3. Short Jet Thunder 'promo'

    Awesome!!! I can't wait anymore for this GREAT Sim!!!
  4. what am I doing now?

    Any news? Any news?
  5. what am I doing now?

    File not found :-(
  6. Beta Tester!!!!

    I insist: "When do you think release the beta or alpha or something?"
  7. OT: Mirage fans, beautiful video for you

    Somebody have the subs in spanish from that movie?
  8. OT: Mirage fans, beautiful video for you

    I can see the video with the VLC players. Free download frome here: http://download.videolan.org/pub/videolan/...0.8.2-win32.exe
  9. what am I doing now?

    Incredible pics dudes!!! Are you using another graphic engine? Wich one?
  10. what am I doing now?

    No british version of the war is funny to me. I have to read it, listen, analyze, study and after comment, but I insist, there isn't version cause laugh to me. This isn't the thread to discuss if the invincible were seen, scratched, hit, damaged or sunk, but it will be very interesting to discuss it in another trhead. Yeah! Beta or Demo will be a pleasure newness!!
  11. what am I doing now?

    Hilarious? READ THIS
  12. Audio from Argentine pilots during mission in 1982

    In Argentina Radio sound like that. :)
  13. what am I doing now?

    It looks great dude!!! When will arrive the demo?
  14. what am I doing now?

    Will the demo be released in a week? Is that true? It's Awesome!!!!

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