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  1. Fantastic sounds ARCHER!!!!! Absolutely a great work!!! Thank you very much!!
  2. Yes, i don't see pylons, but weapons position is ok!
  3. Thank you Crab! I've understood now..is a 3D models problem. Waiting for your realese. Best regards.
  4. Thank you capun. I've not problem to add new weapons; i've also created the italian version of Sparrow: Aspide. The problem is how to add more weapon stations under the wing in the G version; this is the G version modified in S version: To add these two NEW weapon stations you have to modify also the 3D model, or you have simple to modify the data.ini (where you have all the weapon stations) adding two new stations?. Best regards.
  5. Like this: http://oldsite.simhq.com/cgi-bin/ultimateb...=55;t=007202;p= This is my mod: NB: the skin is taken from ROCAF F104, in not a my work.
  6. I would like modify the F104G to make it fliable as an F104S, but i'm not able to add the two new weapon stations. What i have to do? I've changed F104G data.ini with new 2 sidewinder stations...but nothing.... :( Thank you very much.

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