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  1. SORRY !!! NEW LINKS 1) http://download.go-legion.com/lomac/downlo...resflanker2.zip 2) http://download.go-legion.com/lomac/downlo...odflankerv1.zip 3) http://download.go-legion.com/lomac/downlo...0by%20Varun.zip
  2. Hi guys, I released these skins few weeks ago.I thought I should post here too. 1) MY first flanker skin. DOWNLOAD HERE http://download.go-legion.com/lomac/downlo...resflanker2.zip 2) my 2nd skin DOWNLOAD HERE http://download.go-legion.com/lomac/downlo...odflankerv1.zip 3) MY ULTIMATE RUSSIAN KNIGHTS DOWNLOAD HERE http://download.go-legion.com/lomac/downlo...0by%20Varun.zip 4) WORK IN PROGRESS 598 skin. I still need some more logos to finish it. I'l be happy if someone here can get me the high res logos on the nose of the reference pic I am posting. MY SKIN. REFERENCE REAL PIC>>>>LOGOS ON NOSE NEEDED and landing gear cover needed ENJOY:)
  3. New Video

    glad to hear that archer! fave fun with ur new card.:)
  4. New Video

    looks good archer. Is there any difference between the fx and the ti4200. becos I heard the fx cards weren't that advacned....? Also another question, A OT question. ---When are you going to release your sound pack? ---can u please remake ur version 1 pack to wav files if your v2 is taking some more time. Using Loman 2.0 I decompressed ur ogg files to wav, but still they cause a lot of shutters, though now I can hear all planes sounds. I think these shutters are becos of filesize. some files decompressed are more than 1 mb. SO can u please remake ur patch. I love the sound effects. thanx
  5. To Archer

    Finally! :D great to know you read tis archer. I really appreciate that you are remaking a new sound mod for the latest version of the game. here are the most points I really LOVE in ur pack. 1) I ABSOLUTELY ADORE >> WHAT CAN I SAY?? I LOVE THE COCKPIT SYSTEMS FILE U INCLUDED. IT really makes you feel in the cockpit. 2) During some flights shows of the Su 30 MKI which I saw when I was in India, YOUR SOUNDS ARE THE CLOSEST TO REAL LIFE. I really love the doppler effect when the plane goes across the screen and in F2 view. The wind sound, the engine etc is perfect. 3) I really feel all the sounds are already perfect, except the sound boom. I remember hearing the sound boom of the su 30 MKI and it sounds like the default ED soundingame(except the feeling that sounds are recorded in a empty warehouse). I think you can improve the sound boom by adjusting or remaking that file. 4) Is it possible to make the missile sounds more real, somehow it doesn't sound that well. It sounds kinda quiet. And the explosions are horrible in default game. Hope u can also improve them. :) I don't think anything else can be said. They are perfect. I really want to use them, but my shutters increase if I use .ogg effects. So everytime I try converting them to wav without success. Anyway good to hear that you are remaking it. Can't wait to fly a LOMAC jet, that LOOKS(it already does) and SOUNDS(with ur upcoming pack B) ) like the real thing.
  6. Hi archer, I really love the great realistic sound pack with ogg files that u uploaded here. But I tried converting them to wav using goldwave. I can open files normally in realplayer but somehow ingame I can't hear all sounds. So can u please remake ur sound pack for the present full version lomac. I also feel that sonic boom is the only sound I don't feel quite right, original ED one is better. Hope u can improve that. Anyway just a few postive suggestions. Thanx again for that pack. cheers

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