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  1. Just a quick heads up on a couple of things 1) We are giving away a Cougar HOTAS to one person at the end of the month. We'll draw a copy number out of a hat and that person gets the Cougar.. We will be running it off order number on our database of sales. We will ship it worldwide. More details on the website on Friday or Sat. We are changing the entire website on Friday. 2) Shipping is going to be reduced significantly next week, US shipping should drop from $16 to approx $8. We threatened to leave our shippers so they have given us a 25% discount. The remaining $4 is coming out of lower overheads as we are printing in batches of 1000 rather than 500. 3) New PDF avaliable sometime next week (hidden link emailed to all people who purchased) with some typo corrections (about 30 pages of them) thanks to Precog and others. 4) From Friday we will be 'stock positive' ie actually have spares avaliable, so any ordered will be sent next day, rather than 2-3 weeks later Ubisoft boards seemed down at the minute, so I though I'd post the news here and at frugals instead..

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