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  1. ...." I´m a man of wealth.... and taste......please to meet you..... hope you´ve guessed my name......" Hello there, I am Panzon, born in Argentina, living on the sunny Costa del Sol , Spain since years ago.... I come here from ECV56 Condor and I am EAGER !! to fly the Malvinas Campaign. I´ve been following the updates offered by Dante, Cazador etc on our Squadron Website and all is looking so good that I can´t bloody wait a second more !!! Look what you can do with a 39 years old man... Malvinas is very special for me as I was 18 then and just one year the younger from the Conscript Soldiers, we lived that conflict with a lot of "intensity". Whatever I can do to collaborate with this project, I am willing to, without the slightest personal interest. All I want is to take off with a Fully laden Dagger in search of the San Carlos Water... Funny enough I work now for a British company and more than half of my friends are English..... So I will try to think that what´s on board the British Frigates and DDG´s are ET´s... ;) Cheers, Juan.

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