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  1. I have to do this with every unit? what happens with multiplayer? Do i need to assign units to attack certain players? I was hoping they would just be "On Guard" at all times so if you flew over them they would try and shoot ya down?
  2. Been Playing around with the editor, and for some reason when I throw in some enemy tanks (either stationary or groups) they dont do anything againced me.. They are enemies, because they are in red and im blue.. they are SAM trucks and AA's., but i can fly over them as low as i want and all they do is watch me.. any idea what might be going on or what I might be doing wrong? Thanks!
  3. We know the Hog is ugly enough, so I tried my best to spiffy it up a bit. Its my designer A-10 Skin.. Semi Camo... but more or less its all about the look! (Not like the computer cares if your neon green or not anyways!) Ive added a lot og detail to the surface of the skin as well.. rivits, paneling, and wear and tear.. it looks great in game! So here ya go. Ive included the PSD file for you if you want to change the nose art, and pilot name to something else. Download from www.telnets.org
  4. Welp, What can I say, this is my first skin... Its not realistic or anything, but I really like the Danish M-84 Pattern Camoflauge so i decided paint my A-10 the same way.. The underside is the Unadopted US "T-Pattern"mainly because i couldnt think of anything better. Ill probably be doing up another one with much more detail and something much cooler now that I know what im doing here. Hope you enjoy it! Download Here www.telnets.org

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