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  1. it also turned out to be my own fault : ( -I hadnt assigned the apaches a mission target (ie ground attack) which is why they were merrily flying on to their doom. After changing that it was amazing the difference to the mission
  2. I ve begun building missions for lomac - has anyone else found that helicopters seem to suck as is. to begin I set up an air to ground mission with 20 t 80,10 bmp 3, and for aa support 2 sa 8, 2 tunguska, and 2 shilka against 3 a10 and 8 ah 64d models. the apaches to begin with flew right over 10 bmp 3 ignoring them completely and were up against 10 of the t80 whos aa assets had all been taken out by a10's by the time they arrived - expecting them to wipe out the tanks in a blaze of hellfires instead they blow up (I m guessing from tank rounds) in short order Is it just that in missions you really need to micromanage helicopters moving from cover to cover much more? why did none of them set off hellfires which I thought had a 5 km range? as is they kept waltzing into 3 km and below then get blown out of the sky

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