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  1. Favorite Falkand's War Aircraft

    Shot down by a blow pipe?! U must be crazy, that’s propaganda! You cant hit anything with a blow pipe, its a useless weapon!
  2. Favorite Falkand's War Aircraft

    Have you read the book Sea Harrier over the Falklands by commander 'Sharkey' Ward? And btw check this link out: http://www.naval-history.net/F63braircraftlost.htm I count 10 harrier losses
  3. Avionics

    Oh and by the way, If you havent already seen this, I think you should check this link out: Radar Simulation Software The Camber Radar Toolkit® has been used to develop the following radar simulations: APS-145 (E-2C) APS-130 (EA-6B) APQ-159 (F-5) APG-66/68 (A-4, F-16) APQ-180 (AC-130U) APQ-170 (MC-130H) APQ-122 (MC-130E) APQ-174 (MH-47E and MH-60K) APQ-158 (MH-53J) APQ-186 (CV-22) APS-115 (P-3C Update III) APS-137 (P-3C Update IV and AIP PACT) APS-130 (EA-6B) AWG-9 (F-14A and F-14B) ARINC-708 Weather Radar (KC-135, B777 and others) TWR-850 (Beech 1900, T-400) WRS-700 (B737, B777, B767, A320) RDR-1F (C-130) Sea Harrier "Blue Fox" Radar APN-241 (HS-748) APG-65 (AV-8B II+ and F/A-18) Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Development Radar Cheers
  4. Avionics

    I totally agree with you... I love realistic sims! Have you tried to mail BAe to get some info about the shars blue fox radar?
  5. what am I doing now?

  6. what am I doing now?

    the video looks great are u going to include 2D cockpits (Falcon 4 style)? It will be quite difficult to check all the nessesary gauges if u have to move around in the cockpit with the mouse... I guess
  7. Radar Warning Receiver

    yea, well thanks for the reply; that was good to know. Keep up the good work
  8. Radar Warning Receiver

    This is the one im talking about:
  9. Favorite Falkand's War Aircraft

    no that was that 707
  10. Radar Warning Receiver

    Are u going to include the Radar Warning Receiver system in your simulator? I think that it would be great with a complete system with all the raders sounds, just like in Falcon 4.0... just improved a bit Btw.. if u havent already read the great book "Sea Harrier over the falklands" by Commander 'Sharkey' Ward, I will strongly recommend it! Its a great book! and it "really gives u a controversial account of what happened in the falklands"
  11. Wing Tip Some Sugestion...

    Hrm hrmm.... sorry but do you know a device called a radar?? What about using your radar in the cockpit?! <_<
  12. Fs2004

    yea, but the harrier in that pack are of poor quality <_<
  13. Screenshots

    But if u have a powerful computer, the water fx in fs2004 will be smooth ;)
  14. Fs2004

    Can u release a version of your fantastic Sea Harrier for FS2004, just so we can see it in 3d :D (I just love it!) Regards @ndy

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