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  1. Server Launch

    Yea, PB is on top of it. They strted handing out GUID bans a day or two ago. The cheaters forums are full of whining little bieatchs cring about how their cheats dont work no more.....
  2. Server Launch

    Woot! Good for you guys!
  3. 2.1 May Not Be Released

    He's just saying that the decision to WHEN 2.1 comes out is not his or the Devs decision to make. 2.1 will come out, but only the DA (department of the Army)knows when.
  4. Punkbusted

    Great news indeed. One thing that most people still havent figured out is that PB can/does start detecting new cheats a lot sooner then most think. They then start keeping tabs on who uses it a few times and who uses it all the time. THEN they start handing out the GUID bans. The cheaters dont like to play fair and PB gives 'em just enuf rope to hang themselves.... Cheaters<PB
  5. You can watch the stick.......... I havent found any kind of trim indicator other than the nose keeps going up, or the nose keeps going down....
  6. Aao 2.0a Review/article

    Yep, there is a bunch of stuff coming down the pipe, but the NDA keeps me from talking. Vette and Tater... What can you say. Taters got a TUFF hide. Man the razing she takes from some of the other beta...... The new stuff is again indescribable. The Devs never cease to amaze us. Now if SCI could get their shiet togther. We discussed having some SF options in previously released maps, but after the Bridge SE and Mnt. Pass SE public out cry, I doubt that we'll ever see a SE map again. Maybe River Basin:) LOL The best part is having cheats enabled on a couple of our servers (so we can quickly row thru the weapons for testing). Radio Tower with SF equipment ROCKS! I really wish they would redo that one at twilight and have it a SF only map. Again, thank you for your review. Sometimes I don't think this game gets the credit it deserves, because its free. Hang a $40.00 price tag on it and it would suddenly become one of the best FPS out there. Keep up the good work! Hooah!
  7. Aao 2.0a Review/article

    Fates, Excellent review. As a current Beta tester for the game I know quite a bit about it and you nailed what the sim is about. Thank you for an honest review!

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