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  1. Dude! It works :-) Pheeeew.....glad THAT's sorted out after a few days of frustration eheheh Thanks, mate!!!!
  2. Ermm...ok so how do I know if a skin swaps itself? And if it doesn't, is there a way to do this manually? If I wanted skin "X"to be the default skin for the quick-fly mission, how would I do that? thx again!
  3. Oki Doki...I almost figured it out ;-) One last question, when in the main menu of the game, just clicking "fly"on one of the aircraft, still shows the default skin when airborne. Is this in any way changeable to a custom skin, or not?
  4. Ahaa! Think Skypat rang my wake-up call hahah. Erm..mission editor..? cough....stands in corner with ass-cap on. I'll have a look when I'm home...but I'm sure I'll need a big towel to wipe the egg of my face. Thanks, all and especially Skypat of course. I'll let you know how it works out ;-)
  5. Ah....just an incredibly stupid question...... Are the skins perhaps only visible in multiplayer-mode? 'cause I still see the default A-10, no matter what I try? cheers
  6. Boooh hooh :( Ok here's the deal: I installed Lock on on my new PC (jeeej I can finally run it properly), patched it and installed Loman. Now I admit I'm completely new to both LOMAC and Loman, but I'm certainly not new at sims and mods / add-ons and so on. Besides, Lomans interface is pretty straightforward, so I can't really see what I'm doing wrong. But what happens is this: I select a skin, for example Mitch's Hi-res Flipper skin. I click the install button, and the following error occurs: A-10-OKRAS-R2.BMP does NOT match original texture size so it has been installed to bazar\temptexture (as well as the same error for the L2 file). Then when I click ok, it says "succesfully installed", but when going to LOMAC, I still see the dull default A-10 skin. I tried emptying the temptezture folder, but it had no effect. Also checking / unchecking the "always install textures in CDDS files" did not make a difference. This happens with all the files I installed. That is, with the hi-res textures I get the error, with the not-hi-res (like Liger Zero's Tiger One skin), I do NOT get the error, but still see the default skin. What am I doing wrong? How can I use the skins? Duhhhhh please can someone help me here? Thanks in advance !! Pletje

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