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  1. Hello Gents! f you care about the multiplayer part of lomac, then head over here: http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=...606&m=489109732 and comment on it.. Here is my sugestions for some improovemenst: 1. The user-interface: 2. H2H human pilots only: 3. Coop/Team with AI Air and ground objects: 1: A. Host option to password the coalisitions its allready there just not working. B. Host option to define the availeble Payloads for the selected mission. C. Host option to enable/disable in game messeges such as Player x got shot down by player y, player x left the game, player x landed safely, player x ejected, player x chrashed, etc. D. The ALT-M feature should hold information of Score and ping shown in red and Blue. (The Scoring system could be of the same type as in IL2/FB. 100 points for an fighter kill only 10 scored if u not land and rearm/repier. other points for other targets such as Sams Tanks and -500 for a team kill). E. Host option to kick/ban player x manuallly or by game parameters predefined by host, game parameters could by high ping constant,high ping peeks and high minus score due to team killing..GRRRR (name and IP-Ban). F. A debreifing screen that shows who shot down who and with what weapon!! 2: A. Host option to set a score limit, this could be first side to gain 1000 points in total, followed by a messege x team wins the round. B. Host option to set ground/in air respawning. 3: A. Host option to predefine parameters that desides wich side wins the mission followed by an messege x team wins (points/objectives completed) Well my wish list goes on, but then we move from multiplayer to the game itself..netcode, lack of cooperation between AI etc, so i geuss its it about my wishes here.. Regards. VH.

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