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  1. Wing Tip Some Sugestion...

  2. Hey No More Updates??

    indeed a fearsom weapon..
  3. Hey No More Updates??

    the tectrahedron is obviosly over modelled:P.
  4. Gr3?

    yup B) anyway dante i have sent you a e:mail after you replied to my first one a few days ago but have yet to get a reply back. I would like to help out with the modeling for the sim. Please get back to me at. bendean@stangshack.freeserve.co.uk So we can have a chat.. :D oh yeh. I am that Ben Dean guy :P
  5. Gr3?

    brilliant.. i prefer the GR3.. 4 SNEB pods.... hehhe funn.... :D :D
  6. Gr3?

    I was just wondering are we gona be able to fly the harrier GR3 as well as the Sea Harrier? i know the Gr3 oparated of the same carriers as the sea harriers during the falklands.
  7. Wing Tip Some Sugestion...

    If the aircraft sizes are correct in the game that that should be exactly how it will be..
  8. Wing Tip Some Sugestion...

    Yes i now what you mean.. it is a bit funny realy.. Thing is obviosly your moniter cant match the resolution of your eyes in real life ;) so planes tend to dissapear very quickly indeed and smoke is realy usefull for finding them again.. exspecialy people whos eyesight isnt perfect. also thats a great idea for smoking a target. would be very usefull specialy for online Co-op missions ect..
  9. Wing Tip Some Sugestion...

    Hay guys... For starters i would like to say that i have sent a few e:mails to dante@thunder-works.com ( on a different subject to this post) and after i week i still havnt i havnt had a reply yet. Is ther a different addy that i can e:mail to get in touch with the devs? Anyway onto the perpose of this post.. I am a avid il2 FB player and i think one of things that i would like to see in JT is Wing Tip smoke.. now i know that this is a LONG way down the list of things to do and the devs are a long way from inplementing this... But its somthing to remember. In FB its very helpfull when your flying in full real mode to locate friendlies and formate on them. and the other reason i think it should be included is the fact that doing airobatics trailing smoke is just damn cool. Even more fun when your doing formation airobatics with a friend :D . Just somthing to think about. :P Anyway JT is lookings amazing.

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