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  1. this is my first posting here, so HELLO THERE ! (especially sfp1 +il2/fb fans B) ) sorry, i do not find a thread related to my question, so i ask now: i´m new to sfp1 and added several terrainmods (eaw, deuces, simwarriors range), as well as flyable a7b/d , mig and su´s. of course as much as i can get in the net ;) . But now: in some mission types, anti ship and armed reconnaisance for instance, i crash with the wingman immediately, do not move at all or not as a plane should. when i push the stick the plane accelerates slowly, but , looks real funny, my wings and weapons are going to overtake me <_< is this a known bug, or have i done something wrong ?? anyway, sfp1 is the jetsim i searched for (not too difficult). strange that it took such a long time till i discovered it. for me it s a pleasant change or addtion to il2/fb iplay for years exclusively. greetings LOOPus

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