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  1. hum... yes, very familiar... i remember that i donwloaded in a page with lots of F-16 skins... do u remember the site? :D jokes aside now... hehehe Yep, very nice u skin! i like it :) thats why i used it in my project because it looks great :) and thx for the commets!
  2. http://members.lycos.co.uk/drakonwulf/envmod3pub.zip --> copy the following address and paste it on your IE Window finally ,i think, is finished, the last version on my env. modification. The Next one, only god knows when hehehehe, but i have a couple of ideas, and i hope by this time the SFP1 has Z-buffer available..or whith some luck i can add some "details" on the sky. Sorry for the delay guys! I wasn't sure if my file was ok, even thought i tryed to solve the problem with 640X480 res., but i couldn't :( ... Includes a more vivid and bright environment on desert or snow, on jungles or forests. The fog is now merged with the horizon, but you can still notice the difference between the fog and the sky. Options from sky colours, from the original blue to a dark blue sky, and options for reflections in certain packages... Now the fog colour in the sunset/sunrise is now merged with the horizon giving more "feeling" in flying at this time. Works fine in every terrain ------------------------------------------------- Avsim.com -- uploaded (should be available soon) Category: Strike Fighters Mods, Utilities & Patches New! EnvMod3 Filename: envmod3pub.zip License: Freeware, limited distribution Added: 26th February 2004 Downloads: 0 Author: Ricardo de Paula Size: 5096kb
  3. crap... i knew that i should have checked the zip before and after sending... :( ok...new version is up(quality is not good, but oh well...) http://members.lycos.co.uk/drakonwulf/EnvMod3.WMV sorry, for the error, and the time to correct it... somehow the ftp damanges the zip file when sending... t
  4. I have made a video...well, its my first time that i make one, andd.... i just discovered that it takes just one part of the screen(crap... hahaha) and the major details from it is lost... :( and is a little bit accelerated(15 fps) But i promisse, next time wouldn't have any mistakes like that.... here are 2 shots from the game, that actually, u can see it on the video...but with less details and cutted this one u can notice how bright and vivid is the snow now one of my beauties, one of my best screen...lovely :) The video u can download in the following link, just copy the address and paste in ur IE window http://members.lycos.co.uk/drakonwulf/envmodvideo.zip
  5. unfurtunelly i think is not capable to add clouds like Il-2, i think the only way is to make some modifications in the core of the sim....
  6. its heavy, so thats why i decided to post in another topic, because some people with low conection may not load the previous one with this images, so... here is... Finally i finished the modifications, here is some screen on the AmericaNW terrain with Winter Kit... this env mod. looks great in every terrain, and for what i have tested, there is no gliches on them... IF i dont change my mind by tomorrow, it will packed and will be online (maybe at afternoon or at 8PM GMT 0 london time) (including AVSIM.COM)... I hope that everyone like it, unfortunelly i took screenshots from the deuces tiles set(europe) but my pc gaved a error with the StyleXp and dind't saved... :( let see, when i fly again I will post some of them here PS: i just loved how it turned to be the reflection on the mirrors :) PS2: all the sky mods(different blues) and reflection colors will be included in the pack loved that one... F-16..sunset...ice hehehe i was carrying SideWinders and 1000Lb bombs, but for some reason ,the weapon pack that i have downloaded , the models don't show up, just the effect look to the mirror... :) lovely... Well, from the Europe tiles set(by deuces) it looked beautiful, but my pc screwed it up :( , later on i will post in the same topic this screenshots... sorry for that
  7. ok guys... time for some updates for the 3.0 version.... the following post is just acopy from the mine in SimHQ, and i have decided to include all this skys in one pack... but anyway, im still open for suggestions :) and will only be only when i think i have finished everything... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wished i could make that: when u go higher in the sky the blue changes its color to a dark one...and when u are close to the ground with a light blue color... but unfortunelly i don't know who to do it... do u prefer with a very light sky color and yellowish reflection?(if u whant in all versions, just tell and i will put) or this a little bit light blue sky color? btw, u can check out the new fog color, i changed it a little bit to merge with the horizon or this very dark blue? of course, if u whant it with a yellowish reflection i can put this is the new sunset... this is the part that i have liked at most!b]
  8. now the storm looks great!!! i have modified the skycolor/horizon color/fog color too/sunset and i dont know how u get patience for doing it!!!(all this based on ur sun and cloud texture sets)
  9. I have posted in SimHq(with the nick Aragorn Graf-too lazy to change my nick hehehe -) a couple of shots with my mod.... its a INI edition... I thought, that a desert should have a more bright light and much more life in the sunset, so i changed the INI configuration, at least o loved the light hehehe... :) i didn't knew that SFP1 looked so good with much more bright lights hehehe the file is in avsim.com, just search for " Environment Mod. " ... or copy this adress and paste on a new window of IE http://members.lycos.co.uk/drakonwulf/envsys.zip u can see it here... hum... inspired by desert storm? hehehehehehe :D F-16 flying low! ------------------------- this one is my next version, i have been working with the reflection(im trying to lower it, the only thing that i didn't like was the reflection on the 2.0 version) working with the sun, and with the fog, that now is merged with the horizon,u still can see it, but now is more realistic(or is what i think)... hehehe :) PS: this is just a INI edit, the sun that u see there is from the Atmosphere V2 from Dagger... and the terrain is the realistic desert tiles set...

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