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  1. If you want, you can fly all the aircrafts of this games even the AI aircarfts... For your aircraft to become flyable it does have a cockpit (like in CFS2). 1- You choose a cockpit in the flyable aircarft list (for exemple, the B-57b can have the same cockpit then the A-4B), it's not very historic but i think some great designers will make us great new 3D cockpit in the future. 2- You've just to copy the "cockpit" folder of the flyable aircraft into the folder of your AI aircraft (In my exemple you copy the "cockpit" folder of the "A-4B" folder directly in the "B-57b" folder 3- Then you have to edit the "b-57b.ini" file (with notepad for exemple) and add this line "CockpitDataFile=A-4B_cockpit.ini" in the [AircraftData] chapter of this "b-57b.ini" file. your ini file looks like that : [AircraftData] AircraftFullName=B-57B Canberra AircraftDataFile=B-57B_data.ini CockpitDataFile=A-4B_cockpit.ini LoadoutFile=B-57B_loadout.ini ... IT WORKS FOR EVERY AIRCRAFT IN THE GAME EVEN THE TU-22 (that's my favorite)... IT WORKS TOO IN MULTIPLAYER GAME...

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