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  1. No I don't use auto throttle (J key), I manually hook up, although I use stablise (H key) but I disengage that once hooked up. The problem is they tell me to diconnect from the basket, but my throttle is unresponsive and seems stuck. I'm still having problem with this, does anyone know how to solve this?
  2. Hi all, I have a problem refueling the Su-33, I approach the tanker (IL-78) requesting 'Vector to Tanker' from the AWACS. I then switch to refuel mode by pressing R which brings up the nozzle and the HUD info. I select basket number 3 by cycling with the ~ (tilde) key. I slowly approach the tanker, I get a cleared contact from the tanker and they deploy the baskets. I then go in and hook up with basket 3, fuel starts to flow. But then............................. once I'm filled up, the tanker says "Disconnect Now", but I don't know why it won't disconnect? What am I missing here? Must I press something? What I try do is, I select a different basket with the ~ (tilde) key or just plain retract the refuel nozzle by pressing R. But then after that my throttle is stuck and it won't budge!! Is this a bug? I am patched to 1.01. :( Thanks for any help, Witblitz

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