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  1. Anyone have any F111 Aircraft ad-on for WOV ?? I LOVE that aircraft !! Never see it in any sims.
  2. I was just wondering does the realism in PF go so far as to bombs having to achieve terminal velocity to cause enough damage to sink ships? I know that in WW2 Japanese Zeros and the like just did not have the same terminal velocity as bombs to sink Allied warships. They would cause fires and explosions but just could not equal the damage caused by bombs dropped from altitute. I ask this question because in one mission I was given 1 500IB bomb and tasked with sinking a carrier. I achieved a direct hit which was followed by 1 more from the squad but the carrier sailed on regardless. On returning to base I failed the mission. I would be greatful for any info.
  3. Where is the Tempest aircraft?? I do not have that aircraft? I have all the patches?
  4. Im new enough to Flight Sims. Not lookin to be shot outta the sky by Aces. Just lookin for a Wingman to fly with on Coop missions every now and then. Anyone intrested ? Send me a Msg if so.
  5. When I speed up time the frame rate gets very choppy and sometimes even stops. This only occurs with some of the more advanced models. I cant see how the difference in the models could cause this problem. I have really wanted to fly F6F Hellcat but because of this problem it makes it no fun. Anyone know any solutions to this problem? My system: Athlon AMD64 3200+, Nvidia 7800 GT OC, Audigy SoundBlaster LE, 1 Gig PNY PC3200 DDR RAM. If someone could help that would be great.

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