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  1. Has anyone run this off a WOV install reliably? If so, could you list what files you added and any tweaks or edits needed.
  2. Can someone point to the files needed for a WOV instllation? I Have WOV and WOI, but which C130 do I need to add according to the directions? If there are other fiels needed please let me know.
  3. I got WOI and I added the Mirage Factories really good looking Kurnass and Recon Phantom packages..plus the weapons mod from The Mirage Factory as well... I found that on "Unlimited" graphics at 1920X1200 the Phantom cockpit woulddisappear while I was inside the thick clod base.. It didn't happen on lower graphics settings or anything but "inclement" weather.. so.. a pain in the but but not a show stopper by any means. Does anyone know if one or more of the explosion mods works ok in WOI? I have explosion mod #2 but it requires Bunyaps Weapons Pack and I'm not sure if that will cause WOI issues.. anyone tried it yet?
  4. Any update on the Falklands Project?? Really looking forward to it.. if you need reference material on topic I have quite a bit.
  5. Thanks.. the question derived because I flew a mission with the F100D and AIM9 Bravo's and could not for the life of me figure how to use them.. I got directly behind migs that were almost non maneuvering and didn't get any real change in the "growl" tone that indicated an acquisition.. and more importantly..when I fired they were all unguided and went ballistic.. I was just wondering if I missed something that was required. Lastly, are WOE and WOV unique Sims, or can they be merged?
  6. Is there a way to fire heat seekers from Aircraft that do not have a targeting radar like the F100? Is there an "uncaged" modewhere the seeker head auto acquires? If not, what controls need to be used and is there an indication of acquisition f using Hard mode with no target boxes?
  7. Thats too easy, i there a more difficult way? :) On another note.. I have the Valuesoft addition now.. If I want to move up to WoV or WOE, is one a better than the other as a foundation for? I'm leaning towards WoV because I enjoy CV ops and the VN theater quite a bit. Are there any features in WOE that are not in WoV or cannot be put in?
  8. I want to run a couple different "flavors" of SFP1, one being the Korean Mod..which wants a clean fresh install. What is the proper way to create multiple installs of a fresh SFP1 so I can start each with a new Shortcut and have each be distinct (Korea, Falklands etc.)
  9. I downloaded the Super Etendard by capun and installed it according to the directions..I think :) I extracted the files into a folder called SEtendard in the objects\aircraft folder with all the other planes I've added.. I moved the weapons fiels to the weapons folder, and I added the weapons to the Weaponsdata.ini as well as edited the older AM-39 to the MM-39 per instructions.. The plane shows up in th emission builder but missions with it cannot be saved and it does not show up in the Single mission maker... Any ideas?

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