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  1. I've had SF:P1 for several months now, and don't play it much because the flight dynamics seem so arcade-ish. I mean, when I point the plane in any direction and just let go of the stick, the planes says locked on that EXACT path of flight. The simulation doesn't drift left or right, or even up and down even a little. That's not realistic at all. I'm just wondering if something is wrong with my installation or what. I don't see how any real simmer would stand for that. I have all the patches installed. Is this the same for everybody? Is there some mod that makes the a/c flight more realistic??? I just can't fly this sim this way. It's like flying a spaceship in outerspace. Point the plane and go get a cup of coffee, because it will be point in the exact same spot when I get back 5 minutes later. Any help would be greatly appriciated as I would like to get some use out of this game since I paid for it. Everything else about this sim seems fine, and the a/c skins look great.
  2. Why not simply close it down?

    I wish it would stay open. All the downloads by themselves are very useful.
  3. Thanks for the reply MadJeff. The site looks cool. Can't wait for the Files to available again.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I love the new site, but I swear there used to be a ton of Lomac downloads here. Specifically, A-10 Missions. Maybe I was thinking about a different website, but I don't think so. Didn't this website used to have a bunch of downloads? All I find when I click the Downloads link is about 2 files for download.

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