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  1. Favorite Falkand's War Aircraft

    I Radder try my luck in a Jet (not to mention the 3 MK-17 A-4´s can carry ;)) I don´t have the guts of that Pucara pilot who attacked the fleet :D :D :D
  2. what am I doing now?

    You are aiming to IL-2´s Damage Model? WOW now that would be totally awsom... Thanks for the up date mate. Good luck, and please please watch out for those buses man... we are counting on you ;).
  3. Interesting Read

    WOW very objective work indeed. I haven´t read it in detail, onlly the final conclussions and I must say a agree in about 95%. And yes it would be a nice what if scenario if we could have the strip in BAM Malvinas lenthened. Althow my personal theory is that if that sttrip had been operational for the Mirage IIs and other aircrafts, RAF would have gone to much more trouble to put it put of comission... My countrymen insist that it would have given us an edge to hold the task force even better, but I belive that the rason that BA Malvinas was operational till the last day of teh conflic was that it didn´t pose too big a threat to the Task Force, hece the effort to take it out wa not major. I belive that if it had been a bigger threat, Tomahawks or other kind of balistic missiles would have been used or better long range bombers. Hell even some sort of Tornado operation from Chile or something. Of course global politics would have bolied up, and the region would have been a real mess. An if posible, give us a better commanding officer for the Argentinian Navy... someone with some balls on him ;).
  4. My Favorites Airplanes Of The Comflict.

    Fenna, no ofense taken so Its OK. And yes its an obscure episode, so until those files are declasifie, no one can claim with 100% of certenty what happend. Cheers mate.
  5. Pilot Career

    Dante, Steve, just say no to UBIsoft....PLEASE. Onlly accept if !C should put you under their wing. I onlly trust Oleg Maddox in that buch you know...
  6. mission briefings

    Sorry but I disagree. A cinematic cutsceen before every mission is either quite dull being allways the same sceen or a hole lot of work that esencially does not amoun´t to the simulation. Let me explain: Thunder Works is a very small enterpirse. if it undertook the tremendous work of creating a whole buch of renderizations for the missions it would take forever. Besides, you can have cutsceeens in an oficiall campaign, not in multiplayer missions or custom made missiosn (althow Jane´s F/A-18 permite you to ad your own AVI in the mission editor :D:D:D). This would make the game to have no balance, since you would be getting cinematic briefings in the campaign, but not in other modules of teh game. What I mean is that to do it right, it would be an enormous effort taht I radder see dedicated to in game features or characteristics. Perhaps it would be more efective to have cinematics in different stages of the campaign or when special events take place. Say you sink a Capital ship, or you manage to make the landings in the islands... Regarding brefings I woulds like to see a more traditional lay out, like a document resemblimg a real briefing (in the argentine case the Orden Fragmentaria- a document transmited to the base by the Estado mayor, asigning the flight number, pilots and mission to acomplish with the coordinates of the suspected contacts) I don´t now waht form the British Flight orders had, I suppose they were more like US briefings ina ready room in the carrier. I wouls like to be able to have a detailed map with the waypoints and the lastest enemy activity. Maybe a voice over coment on the curent conditions and objectives. Maybe some identification charts of the target. Think of a mix between EAW and Gunship 2000. The background images sould resemble documents of the time, like typed or Telex kind of socuments. And the map being like a navigation chart. Then whlie loading we could have images of the carrier or the Base with some planes on the bacground, maybe a bit of motion Crew moving or planes roling...
  7. another movie (not really official!)

    Don´t get me wrong the video is GRATE. I asked about the sped of it to be alble to tel how it would look in gem ;). Your math looks fine to me :) About Spins and stalls, well in a Jet they should be deadlly. perhaps you should make it that its harder to enter a spin or stall, but if you do, it shuold not be easy to get out ogf them... Remember that if airflow is disrupted you might even get a flame out. (for Mirages, Skyhawks, Macci and Super Etandarts..The Harriers shouldn´t have a problem with flameouts ;) ). But hey this are just sugestions I am no expert in Fligh modeling and engine modeling. Anyway I ant to congratulate for your superb job... Man I am dying to fly this sim, I can´t een concentrate on anythin elses ;). Not even FB/AEP apeals to me any more after seeing your video :D :D :D :D :D Please please if you are going to need external beta testers remember me :)
  8. My Favorites Airplanes Of The Comflict.

    Well I have been personally speaking with Vicecomodoro Isaac and he states that he overflew the deck of the Invincible and dropped his bombs. He does not knnow if they hit but his supose that they hit on the Aft section of the deck. He states that the Invincible was covered by thick black smoke. So we know that at least the Exocette hit. He lost his flight leader and his wingman on that mission, the later exploding a few metters from his aircraft. (he belives a Seadart got him) but he clearlly saw the engine of his wingmans A-4 hit the Invincible, and I read it went through an elevator shaft begining a fire inside the Hangar deck. We will not know if the extent of the damage done to the invincible until the British Goverment declasifies the files regarding that conflict. But I read somewhere that the captain recived a comendation for being able to change the gas turbines (powerplants) while at sea. So this sugests that some damage was inflicted to the Invincible. of course it is all speculation till the British Goverment declasifie those files... All I can say is that I spoke personally to Isaac, and he is convinced the Invincible was hit. Let me add I get no joy nor pride in the death of fine British sailors or personel during the war. I consider casualties from both sides heros that anwsered the call to arms from their nations.
  9. another movie (not really official!)

    Hi Scaery P. The FM looks promissing :) The A-4 (poor wingy trying to form up) looks very velibable. Specially the spin of the damage skyhawk... Are stalls and spind modeled into the FM ? The headshake looks a bit over done to my humble opinión thow. Man I love the Tracers ;). And, are the videos a bit acelerated or is it me? That bombs seems to drop way to fast... Thanks for the little sneak preview, :)
  10. new movie

    Scaery Pigeon... Re-wright History Yes.. Now, Imperialistic what? Sorry nothing fardest from reality ;). I do honnor the respect for boths sides that this sim intends And that is reflected in its forums. I find that highlly remarkable. So I will not get drwaned to a political discussion or to who was right or wrong. It´s not worth it, let the UN decide that :D:D:D:D:D:D And it´s just grate to see British, Argentinians and Brasilians working on this proyect toguether, to do justice to the heros on both sides ;). And I agree the conflict of the South Atlantic was as clean as a war can be or ever was ;).
  11. Heat Seeking Missiles

    Well For what I have been told we had Shafir I, not II. So no helmet aimindg devices in the Mirage III. Here is what Gustavo posted in www.ecv56condor.com.ar/Foro : Segun la pagina saorbats teniamos y tenemos Safrir MKIV anteriores al http://www.saorbats.com.ar/GaleriaSaorbats...da%20Aerea.html http://www.saorbats.com.ar/GaleriaSaorbats...CN1303_JPG.html pero comparando las cabezas con lo que se ve en http://www.israeli-weapons.com/weapons/mis...on/Python1.html y http://www.israeli-weapons.com/weapons/mis...on/Python2.html se ve que es shafrir 2 Tambien coincide con http://www.lamilitary.com/Equipment_RAFAEL_Shafrir_2.html Esta ultima no se que tan seria puede ser Me parece que la confusion de saorbats viene por el lado de que MkIV era la version del Magic R550 de los MIII EA Saludos
  12. Favorite Falkand's War Aircraft

    And the fact that it has to be really interesting to land an aircraft with such a short landing gear :D :D :D :D T
  13. Argentine Pucaras and ground units in JET THUNDER

    Yeap Will I agree compleatlly. Alos Argentinian pilots had orders not to engage the British Harriers, since they would be hopeleslly outmacth given, as you said, that the energy advantage was lost flying NOE and subsonic in order to attack the Task Force. (besides going in low was the onlly way to reach the Task force and be able to drop paylod on it) On the earlly stages of the war it was determined that A/A weapons were not adecuate for the profile of the attacks, and were dropped to be able to carry a bigger A/G payload, given the fuel needs and distances. High altitude Sweeps were also discarted becouse Mirages had a few minutes of operational time over the Airspace disputed, that made impractical, escort or sweep missions. Besides we had no "all aspect" weapons and our SARH missiles were not suited to engage Fighters like the Harrier. Having onlly 2 KC-130 we could not risk them to get closer to the Theater of Operations, since the lost of one aircraft would mean we would onlly be able to send half the number of flight to the islands. So it was decide from the ofset that we would not engage the Harriers in Air to Air combat. Mirage III did diversionary flights to atract the PACs (Patrulla Aerea de Combate) (CAPs) to try to make an opening for the Attack aircrafts. It didn´t work as expected becouse the Birtish soon learned to discriminate between hi flying Mirage III and low incoming Daggers and A-4 Skyhawks. So later on, the distraction flights were made with Fokker F-28´s , Learjets and other civilian aircrafts flying low to resemble an incoming attack... Althow since the Campaign engine of TJ will be dynamic, to have some A/A weapons would be grate to try some alternative tactics.
  14. Heat Seeking Missiles

    Well I positivelly know the Argentinian Air Force does not have helmet tracking devices. In 1982 they used the original frrench helmet provided by Dassault Mirage. I should check out if we had Sharif 2 or the earlier versions...
  15. Argentine Pucaras and ground units in JET THUNDER

    Don´t know if napalm was used by pucaras in Malvinas. I´ll check it out. About the run on the Inincible it did happend (I had the honor of talking to the pilots that took part in it (2003 so its not porpaganda) And My father in law (ARA ret.) knows the captain of the submarine that did fire its torpedos to the Task Force. It did happned also. The torpedos were badly calibrated and sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic thow... Not sure about FAE use by the British I really don´t think so. There wasn´t much CAS performed by the birtish harriers that were having real trouble with argentinian AAA. (thats the reason that BAM Malvinas (Base aerea Militar named Malvinas) was operational till the last day of the war. Regarding ground troops, there should be some Shimitars and infantery units. And some helos since there are acounts of Pucaras downing helos...

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