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  1. darnit no luck on the unpatched version... this game hates me. here is the error messege I recive when it crashes to desktop.... LOCKON caused an invalid page fault in module MISSIONEDITOR.DLL at 0167:00af12a7. Registers: EAX=0bdeb720 CS=0167 EIP=00af12a7 EFLGS=00010202 EBX=009a0000 SS=016f ESP=037dfc4c EBP=037dfc70 ECX=00b96608 DS=016f ESI=0b395400 FS=1247 EDX=00000002 ES=016f EDI=00000001 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 8b 08 50 ff 51 08 c3 90 90 51 56 8b f1 8d 4c 24 Stack dump: 00b17533 00000000 00b175c8 009a0000 00000000 00000001 00000000 009a0000 81d34520 037dfe38 bff7ddd6 009a0000 00000001 00000001 00000000 009a0000 EAX? I use onboard sound could that be it? need a new sound card?
  2. Yup installed.. funny thing is it ran fine before the patch.
  3. Hiya guys. Wow this game is great!! It has taken me a week to get aclimated to the a10 but wow. what a great game!! I have a couple problems though, and I really hope yall can help. Firstly when I fire the guns in the A10 the gun just continues to discharge untill all the ammo is expended. (makes the missions interesting) And secondly, this one really bugs me, I finnally finished the first mission for the a10 campagin and after the debreifing, and the breifing for the next mission, the game crashes to desktop. seems to crash after each flight is over, when i try to start another flight. I could live with that, but I cant continue on the next leg of the campagin as it kicks me back down to my last in-mission save when i reboot thje game. Any help??? pleas I am an aspiring cyber- pilot. Thanks! oh yes I am running the following... amd xp 2800 512 ddr ram win 98 geforce 4 4200

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