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  1. Hi All; I'm new to IL-2/FB+AEP/PF and am enjoying it thoroughly; frankly, it's the finest WW2 air combat flight sim going IMO, and I'd like to thank and compliment Oleg Maddox, his team, and all those skinners and mission authors out there who contribute so much to this superb sim. I was given the IL-2 Gold Pack as a gift at Christmas and was immediately impressed with the overall quality of the whole package, and when I heard that PF was coming out with an upgrade that included a Mosquito FB.VI, I knew I had to add Pacific Fighters to the mix and I can say I wasn't disappointed. The whole IL-2/PF package has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Now for a question... Can some one tell me how to get a campaign file that I've downloaded show up so I can use it? I downloaded Cobra427so's "Hurricane Season" into my Missions/Campaign/GB/Hurricane folder and sent the skins over to the appropriate Hurri skins file, but the only thing that showed up in the Pilot Career section was the default South Pacific missions. How do I get to fly Hurricane Season? Cheers, and thanks in advance, Neil

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