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  1. I don't know how many times I have to say this before you get it through your thick skulls becuase I was very clear the first, second, AND third times I told you this- I INSTALLED THE MAY PATCH FIRST AND THEN THE JULY PATCH. I GET THE RESULT WHEN PATCHING JUST THE MAY PATCH AND THEN IT REMAINS WHEN I ADD THE JULY PATCH. I cannot understand why you people can't get that basic concept. I don't know how you did it out of order. The patch won't let you. Here, look at the attached screenshot. This is what I get when I attempt to install the July patch WITHOUT installing the May patch.
  2. Okay.... I'm sorry, did you just not read what I typed? It is IMPOSSIBLE to patch in the wrong order. When I attempted to install the July patch (the one just released) without installing the May patch, it told me I couldn't. I installed the May patch, had the problem, then installed the July patch and STILL have the problem. Guess you can't read either. I'm sorry, but this is one thing that really irritates me more than anything else. I was very careful in what I posted and I ensured that I posted EXACTLY what I did, and yet I get replies like these that tell me to do exactly what I've already done.
  3. Okay, looks like I'm the only one to be posting this, but the new patches screw up WoV for me royally. I made a brand new install of WoV in a HD separate from my existing install (need to free up space on the current drive) and when I saw the new patch, I thought great! I download the most current patch (7.10.06) and try to install it. No joy. Says that I need the newest service update. So I download the last patch (5.whatever) then install the newest patch. Now, I stress this - I HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING OTHER THAN INSTALL THE GAME AND PATCHES. However, when I click "Single Mission" I get no airplanes, no locations, not type of mission, nothing. When I click on any of the other buttons, I get a black screen and have to restart my computer. I have installed and re-installed DX9.0c from June (the current one on the DX website) with no effect so that's no the problem. Prior to the patch, everything worked fine. Now I can't get ahold of SP4 again to be able to install it and get a working version, so I guess I'm stuck for now. Any ideas/help/information on what to do?
  4. Bunyap or whomever: 1) I noticed that the Dundural was included in the newest versions of the Weapons Pack according to the lists, but I've been as-of-yet unable to find an aircraft that the weapon is available on. I've tried all of the F-4s, the F-15E, F-16C, Mirage, Tornado GR.1, F-111s of all types, and the B-52, but none allow me to load on the Dundural. What am I missing? 2) What are the chances of the JP233 ever being introduced into the Weapons Pack? As you can probably tell, I like runway demolition missions, so I'd love to have these weapons available. :)
  5. More importantly than a C-130 carrying troops to a battlefield, what about a C-130 carrying Big Blue to the the clearing for those troops to use? :) Looking good man!
  6. I've owned almost nothing but Maxtor drives for the past 10 years and have yet to replace a single one. The only time it's been replaced was when I got a bigger drive. I currently have a brand-new Maxtor 120 7200RPM drive in the computer that I got with my new machine, a second (identical) drive that I purchased with the machine before when I built it in 2002, and I've got a 40GB drive I bought bulk back in 2000. None have had a SINGLE problem. I even made the mistake of putting my computer too close to the magnetic base of my CB Radio antenna one day and thought I'd lost everything. Not so. I installed a "dummy drive" from a buddy who had Windows 98 on that drive, reset the drivers and a few other minor issues, and then rebooted on the 120 and surprise - didn't loose a thing! If you guys are loosing your Maxtor's in a year, then you need to seriously do some analyzing of your enclosures becuase I'll almost garuntee that you're running them too hot or you've got interference (radio, electrical, or magneteic) that is causing the problem. I always had my computer setup to go into heat protect if the internal temp of the case got above 110* F, and that's always seemed to keep me from doing any damage to the internal components. Only had a computer heat protect once even at that, and usually I'm getting temps down in the 80-90 degree range, and I'm in the heat and humidity of Texas.
  7. Actually, no. The KC-10 is equipped a center drogue reel of the same design as installed on the VC10 and L1011. Also, some of the KC-10s have been equipped with wingtip pods similar in design to the ones on the KC-135, but the KC-10 was actually equipped first. And there's nothing like opening the wings on the engine of a CF-6 to see how massive everything really is on these airplanes
  8. Kinda correct. The KC-135 has what is called the "BDA" or "Boom Drogue Adapter". This added an 8-foot long hose with a flexible basket (drogue) to the end of the boom. This attachment meant that the aircaft could only fuel probe equipped aircraft durin that mission. It was (and still is) generally hated by all involved as the BDA was prone to striking the ground during takeoff and landing and when that didn't happen, it is/was not unusual for the tanker to come home with the probe off an aircraft of the fighter to come home with the BDA attached. The 8 foot hose is also much too short for its use, so it is much more difficult to refuel behind a BDA equipped KC-135 than a properly HDU (Hose Drum Unit) equipped tanker. About 100 KC-135Rs were recently equipped with a new outer-wing mounted pod similar to the Buddy Packs used by navy tankers to give it a true probe refuelling capability. Otherwise, the only large tankers equipped for probe refuelling are the - Valiant (out of service), Vulcan (out of service), VC-10, Tristar, KC-10, KC-135FR, and KC-130. Here's a few shots of the BDA - http://www.afrc.af.mil/940arw/Static%20Pho...F-7393B-012.jpg http://mcfaddenphoto.com/img/ar1.jpg http://www.takhli.org/bob/MemoryJoggersFromArtMcAninch2.htm And a pic of the new wingpods - http://www.airforce-technology.com/project...ages/kc1353.jpg
  9. Just a quick question. I've got several aircraft (the F-16C block 30 being one) where it will only load 2 AGM-65 Mavericks per TLR instead of the correct 3 and other aircraft that show setup for multiple weapons on a station but in the weapon selection screen doesn't allow for them to be loaded. So, what in the aircraft's data file do I need to modify so I can load the extra weapons?
  10. Okay, thank you. That was what I needed to know. If you have any ideas on how to fix the MSVCRT.DLL issue, I'd love to hear it. I have several programs that won't work because of the issue.
  11. Okay, I didn't see the AGM-88A in the current Weapons Pack, but if it's there I'll put it in instead of the -88C. As for the Weapons Editor, I have a problem running it. Whenever I try using APCOMPAT (I'm on Win2K Pro SP6, so don't have the XP "compatability" tab) to set it to WIN98 compatability, I get the error - "MSVCRT.DLL for Win32 Error: MSVCRT.DLL is not compatible with Win32s." Because of that, after trying to re-install MSVCRT.dll (3 different versions) on many different occasions and getting the same result, I've given up. Secondly, I'm talking about this section of the WOVCAMPV1_DATA.ini file - I need to know what name I need to use for the "Supply[xxx].Weapon Type=" entry. If I have that, I can make those weapons available and also replace the AGM-114 Hellfire with the AGM-88A (since that's what's available) and add in the other weapons that were available at that time to the supplies available to the squadrons where appropriate.
  12. I've done several searches and not found anything useful in it, so I'm asking here. I downloaded the Vietnam 1984 campaign and find it excellent save for one item - there are weapons that were available in 1984 that are missing and would have been crucial to the proper execution of said operation. Namely, it's that the AGM-88C HARM is missing for SEAD missions. There are also a few "dubious" inclusions of weapons like the AGM-114 Hellfire (never used on manned aircraft, only on helicopters and UAVs), and the 3000LB Mk118 which was out of service by that time. So, knowing that the guy who authored the campaign did so on his own time, and I do not wish to ask him to do additional modifications that not everyone would want and that I have the capability of doing myself - How do I make the modifications? I mainly need to know how to determine what line from the "WeaponData" file in the "WeaponType" line as the rest seems fairly self explanatory.

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