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  1. Some things to try: - closing all background apps before playing lockon - different drivers for your GPU. - driver updates for chipset, soundcard, etc. - turning sound acceleration down a notch. - if you are overclocking, see how it runs with default clocks. - Bios update. - using 4x AGP instead of 8x. - AGP fastwrites and Sideband addressing disabled. - if your system is installed in APIC mode (ACPI uniprocessor PC), change back to PIC mode by choosing ACPI PC in the Device Mngr, then on reboot go into your Bios and disable APIC. This is something i had to do to get some of my Audio applications to run stable. Good luck.
  2. Hello, i'm doing a reskin for the stock A-10 cockpit in Lockon, my motivation is to improve the readability of instruments and the overall look of the cockpit. Here are some screenshots of work in progress: Frontpanel Rightpanel Leftpanel there is something i need help with, i have no detail reference material on the struts holding the windscreen (tinted red): Does anyone have a closeup photo (or blueprint) of this area? I searched the net from high to low, but couldn't find something suitable. Another Q i have- almost all cockpit photos on the net show A-10 instrument panels in a rather "beaten up" shape, would this be more representative for a mission AC than the rather clean textures i'm currently using? I'm trying to get this as authentic as possible, any help, especially critisism of those who worked with or have flown the A-10, is much appreciated. best regards Oakster

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