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  1. Bombs won't drop

    I don't know what either an AIRCRAFTCONTROLLIST.ini or an AIRCRAFTOBJECT.ini even is so I never modded either one on purpose.I have installed quite a few aircraft ,could just installing a new aircraft cause this?
  2. Bombs won't drop

    I can select the weapon ok but the command to release the bomb (enter) doesn't work. I tried reassigning the command to another key or a button on my joystick ,still the bombs won't release.I tried deleteing the the default ini and letting it creat a new one but still the bombs won't release.As I said I don't remember if the bombs ever released in windows 7 ,so maybe this (along with the planes starting to move even at 0 throttle) is a windows 7 thing.
  3. Bombs won't drop

    I can still select secondary weapons in flight but can't fire or drop them.The main guns fire otherwise I would have to try reinstalling the sim as it would be impossible to even try and dogfight.I wish I could remember if I could ever drop bombs in windows 7 ,I know they worked in xp.It's as if the command for fire or dropping bombs and secondary weapons never existed.
  4. Bombs won't drop

    Thankyou for your reply .I already tried changing the command for dropping bombs (fire selected weapon)to "B" but no joy.I deleted the default ini but other than having to reset my controls the bombs still won't drop and the planes still start from the take off position, moving, as I said in my first post.As for the engine I intentionly (spelling) shut it down using the "control I" (engine toggle),prop is stopped and throttle is at 0, to see if that would stop the plane from moving but it still accelerates to around 45 kph before dropping back to 0.I have found moving the null to full left seems to help but not always. Looks like I'll just live with these small problems (I can always just say boom when I try and drop a bomb.)
  5. Bombs won't drop

    I have FE1 and am running on W7 64 bit.I've found for some reason I can't drop bombs anymore.I tried the default command (enter) after selecting the bomb with the \ command but they won't drop.I tried assigning the fire/drop selected weapon to another key and also tried assigning the command to a joystick button ,but the bombs still won't drop.This is with all bomb carrying aircraft.It's as if the command no longer exists.Anyone have any ideas that aren't too involved ? Reinstalling isn't an option as I have far to many planes and mods installed. Another proplem while I'm at it is many planes ,even with the engine off, start off moving from the takeoff position with the speed building to around 45 kph before dropping back to 0.Not big problems but kind of annoying.
  6. Esc in First Eagles I

    YES, you did it! That even took care of the graphics problem.Thankyou so much ,your in the will!
  7. Esc in First Eagles I

    Yep, after I got your post I went back to look just to be sure and those are the two ini files I looked at and nether one has anything about shaders.Also I just found out when in the Flanders terrain and I hit Esc ends the mission and just goes to the previous screen like it's supposed to do.And the plot thickens when going into both the Cambrai and Verdun terrain there is often a graphics problem when I pan to the right of the aircraft the ground loses it's texture.After I get airborne the graphic are ok.This only does it in the two terrain Cambri and Verdun ,the same two that when hitting Esc takes me out of the game.
  8. Esc in First Eagles I

    The only texture file that had lines about shaders was the Flanders folder.The Verdun,and Cambrai folders ini's didn't have anything about shaders in their terrain folders
  9. Esc in First Eagles I

    Nope, I went into the terrain files and changed every instance of UseEffectShader=true to false but it didn't change anything.I'am resigned to live with it now.
  10. Esc in First Eagles I

    OK ,I changed the EXIT_GAME to ALT+E leaving the QUIT_GAME blank, so now hitting ALT+E takes me out of the game.
  11. Esc in First Eagles I

    Wrench, there wasn't any ini files in the objects folder they are all dll files.I went ahead and backup the default ini then deleted it and went into the sim and flew a bit.Still the same, Esc takes me out of the game.I checked the new default ini and it still says EXIT FLIGHT=ESCAPE although now if I'am in any screen other than in a mission when I hit Esc I get the pop up menue in the upper left hand corner,so at least that's something.
  12. Esc in First Eagles I

    A fast update ,I went to the controls section ,made a copy of it , then changed the first line from EXIT FLIGHT=ESCAPE to EXIT FLIGHT= ESC. When I hit the Esc button, while in a mission nothing happened.So next I tried changing it to Alt+Esc and nothing ,I tried just using the letter E and then it would take me out of the game like Esc did.So I give up. Thanks guys for trying to help but it seems like it's almost hard coded for EXIT FLIGHT = to mean exit game, instead of Exit Flight. Since the sim is already patched to the latest Expansion Pack and I have max188 terrain and a few planes I just put in, I'am not going to uninstall and reinstall I'll just live with it.Thanks guys for trying to help but it seems a lost cause
  13. Esc in First Eagles I

    I still would like to know how two different commands do the same thing ,that is the Ctrl takes me out of the sim and Alt Q also takes me out of the game and the sim won't let me change either command.Go figure Also no command will just take me out of a mission.Go figure again
  14. Esc in First Eagles I

    Regarding the plane moving when I go into the missions ,I found if I hit Ctrl+I to select engine I can stop the prop and the plane stops.
  15. Esc in First Eagles I

    Always something,another problem I forgot to mention is when I go into the mission (where the planes are lined up on the field) 99% of the time my aircraft is moving.At times it starts out at 0 mph and goes to 4 to 10 mph ,other times it start right out at 15 to 20 mph, this is with the throttle reading 0.

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