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  1. Thanks GhostDog, much appreciated. I still can't log in at SimHQ, even tried to re-register and I can't. Maybe I'm banned or something and I don't know it ;) Thanks again! J.
  2. Much obliged if you could just post that's it's out and available at AVSIM and also link to one of the screenshots? In fact, FYI for all, my skins can be seen at my Image Gallery: http://members.optusnet.com.au/~joneill77/gallery.html I can post pics but not files :( There's also a thread about my 311th P-47D Razorback skin, if you could link to one of my screenshots of the gallery above that would be cool too! Don't know what's up with SimHQ, I've emailed them, and I can't even seem to register again successfully.... Thanks Ghostdog! B) J.
  3. Guys, there's been a request over at SimHQ for this P-38 skin: Major Richard I Bong's P-38L "Marge" I can't post at SimHQ for some reason, could someone please repost this over there? Cheers J.

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